Democrat Moves to Give 16-Year-Olds the Right to Vote

Kirsters Baish| The Democratic Party has gone downhill, and if you even have a shred of doubt about it, you won’t after hearing what they’ve gone and done now. Keep in mind that this is a political party that has made it clear that they will do anything to win elections, even if that means rigging congressional districts via the courts or making it easy as pie for illegal immigrants to vote. They are not working on giving 16-year-olds the right to vote… and this includes in presidential elections.

The Washington Post reported that the Democrats have proposed a bill to the Washington D.C. City Council in order to lower the voting age in the district. The bill was thought up by Democratic Council Member Charles Allen. Apparently Allen believes that children should be voting in presidential elections.

From the liberal point of view, this move actually might make some sense. As sick as it sounds, liberalism has actually become a sort of trend among millennials, so by allowing 16-year-olds to vote, liberals might be securing themselves some extra numbers in the booths. These kids have been sheltered and cared for, never having to be responsible at all. Isn’t that the average Democratic voter profile?

Conservative Tribune reported, “But even some Democrats should be shuddering at an idea this inane. After all, Democrats are parents, too. And while there might well be some parents of 16-year-olds who consider their offspring to be mature enough to choose the leaders of their cities, states and countries, it’s a good bet that most understand the world is a safer place when teenagers are being kept safely out of responsible positions. No one seriously disputes that teenagers, as a rule, are not built for impulse control. Anyone who does dispute it can ask the nearest middle school or high school teacher for a more informed opinion.”

When it works in favor of their agenda, the left usually put higher age restrictions on things. For example, Democrats are pushing for the legal age to purchase a firearm to be moved up to 21.

Back in 2010 when Obamacare was passed, the Democrats also ruled that young adults could be on their parents’ health insurance policies up to the age of 26. So, what the Democrats were basically saying was that until the age of 26 you have the right to act like a child and mooch off of mommy and daddy.

The Democratic Party is only concerned with making things better for their own agenda.

Conservative Tribune wrote:

Naturally, quoth the Post, Allen and his like-minded Democrats were “inspired” by the “March for Our Lives” demonstration in the district last month. What Democrat wouldn’t be inspired by a gang of gun-grabbing ignoramuses descending in large numbers on the nation’s capital to engage in fascistic threats to Americans’ constitutionally guaranteed rights?

The problem for Allen was that 90 percent of those who participated in “March for Our Lives” rallies were over the age of 18. If he had read the column in the Washington Post that was published two weeks before he sent his bill before the council, he would have known this information.

The Democrats will stop at nothing to gain voters. They don’t care if they are giving kids the right to vote. If it gets them better numbers in the polls, they could care less.