David Clark Just Exposed Dick Durbin’s Sneaky Plot

Kirsters Baish| Ever since the infamous closed-door meeting took place last week during which allegations were made against President Donald Trump for having said certain countries were “s***hole countries,” the left has been attacking with full force. Senator Dick Durbin, one of President Trump’s harshest critics, started an all out war. He claimed President Donald Trump used the phrase while taking part in an immigration meeting while speaking about Haiti and El Salvador. I’m sure if President Trump actually did make any sort of comment, he was referring to the way that these countries treat their citizens.

The mainstream media jumped at the chance to bash President Trump. They focused on the small picture, as per usual. The thing they honed in on was the phrase that President Trump supposedly used, not the reason he was using it. Keep in mind that there is no proof of Trump having even ever made the comments in the first place.

Former Sheriff David A. Clarke was sure to remind Americans that this was not a mistake on the part of the left. Durbin had a clear motive in mind, and the mainstream media followed along just as Durbin knew they would. His motive? To distract American citizens from President Trump’s huge success with recent tax reform.

Clarke tweeted, “What Dick Durbin did last week was a POLITICAL AMBUSH designed to take ANYTHING and create a shiny object for the LYING LIB MEDIA to take away from the great momentum @realDonaldTrump was enjoying since TAX REFORM. It was a HEAD FAKE and every follower on the left fell for it.”

The man has a point. In the past, Clarke has been very open about his political views in the past. When it came to discussing the corruption within the FBI, Clarke came right out and told Americans the harsh truth. Watch the interview below:

We need more Americans like David Clarke. His intentions always have the American people at heart.