Collusion Theory Crumbles: Mueller Says Russian Agents Held Anti-Trump Rallies

Kirsters Baish| The anti-Trump narrative has been the focus of the mainstream liberal media’s negative press. The leftists of America have made some serious accusations that President Donald Trump “colluded” with Russian officials during the 2016 Presidential Election. Well, the narrative fell to pieces on Friday with special counsel Robert Mueller indictment claiming foreign agents held anti-Trump and pro Hillary Clinton rallies in 2016.

Mueller’s court filings showed some seriously important information. 13 Russian nationals tried to push total chaos through the entire election cycle and even after. These Russian nationals held competing events for Donald Trump as well as Hillary Clinton on the same day.

CNBC reported, “On one day, Nov. 12, 2016, the defendants organized a rally in New York to ‘show your support for President-elect Donald Trump’ while at the same time organizing a ‘Trump is NOT my president rally’ that also was held in New York.”

NBC News also reported that in July of 2016, these Russian agents held a “Support Hillary” rally in Washington, D.C.

Sean Hannity reported:

The bombshell revelations throw even more cold water on the liberal conspiracy theory that President Trump and his staff “colluded” with Russian officials to steal the election from Hillary Clinton; just one of many excuses commonly touted by the former Secretary of State following her stunning defeat.

Watch the report from Fox News on the Russian nationals below: