CNN Releases Interview With American Federal Workers Who Explain Why They Support President Trump

Kirsters Baish| With all the talk of falsified reports from networks like CNN, it can be hard to know what news stories are real and which aren’t. It seems that CNN has actually released a report, which includes interviews with actual American federal workers, and it was almost shocking that CNN didn’t hide what they had to say about Trump.

The network interviewed federal workers “who had been furloughed by the shutdown,” according to Chicks on Right.

CNN talked to American federal workers, Charles Gilbert and Jill Gilbert, who gave their take on the fact that the government shutdown was finally coming to an end as well as the possibility that by February 15th, another shutdown could take place in an attempt to fight for funding for a border wall.

Chicks on Right explain that “The Gilberts work in law enforcement, working as federal correctional officers. And one of things they said that was a troubling was that while the government was shutdown prisoners were still being paid for working while they were not.”

The couple were thankful that the shutdown was finally over. They explained that they are expecting another shutdown come February 15 if the Democrats do not come to an agreement on border security funding.

The most interesting part of the interview was the fact that CNN actually aired the couple saying that they were both supporters of President Donald Trump and his coveted border wall.

“They still support it even if the government was shutdown and they weren’t being paid because they believed in the need that much, to provide security for America. Now that’s conviction. And Democrats have denied that people would be supportive and many are,” Chicks on Right explain.

It’s great to see CNN actually reporting the news, even when it doesn’t fit their preferred agenda.

Take a look at the interview below: