CNN Denied: President Trump Sends Out Giant Truck to Cut Off CNN Crew

Kirsters Baish| CNN, along with all the other major liberal mainstream media news outlets have had it out for President Trump since he announced that he would be running for president in the 2016 election. Trump had his payback over the holiday weekend while he celebrated Christmas at his Mar-a-Lago golf club with his family.

A white truck mysteriously came out of nowhere on Thursday while Trump was enjoying a few rounds of golf and blocked CNN news crews and reporters from filming the President. The truck cut off the CNN camera crew from bothering our Commander in Chief while he got some much needed R&R.

CNN news crews were less than amused by the blockade. CNN’s Don Lemon spoke to the network’s White House correspondent and commented on the surprise appearance from the big white truck. The White house correspondent asked Lemon to explain more about the mysterious “incident.”

Lemon angrily stated, “Our job down here is to cover the President and to tell our viewers what he’s doing on a daily basis […] There’s a break in the hedges.”

He went on to add, “Today, a big white box truck parked in front of the hedges trying to obscure our shot of President Trump golfing. This may seem trivial, but it’s important to get video of the President as he does things on a daily basis.”

You can watch the hilarious video below.

CNN got exactly what they deserved, and so did our POTUS. Trump has truly earned some time alone with his family to celebrate the holiday season, and CNN truly deserves to be shown who is boss.