Church Warns Potential Shooters With “We Are Not a Gun Free Zone” Sign

Kirsters Baish| After the horrific mass shooting that took place a couple of weeks ago at a First Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Americans are warning criminals that they are not going to allow themselves to become victims of another mass shooting. One New York church has issued an important warning to any potential criminals who are thinking about coming into their church with a gun. They have posted a sign out front of their church for all to see that reads, “We are not a gun free zone.” has reported that Lighthouse Mexico Church of God in Oswego County placed the sign out front of their church after the recent attacks on churches in Tennessee and Texas.

The pastor of Lighthouse Mexico Church of God had already allowed church goers to open carry in the church for about two years. He was aware that situations like those that recently occurred are a distinct possibility and wanted to keep his congregants as safe as he possibly could. Pastor Ronald Russell explained that their church has had the open carry policy since 2015. The policy was put into place after white supremacist Dylann Roof shot and killed nine black church goers at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Spectrum News reported that Russell stated, “People say, ‘well, pastor, you’re talking about killing some.’ and I say ‘well, if I don’t protect my people, I’m being complicit.’ A shooting here, that’s not going to happen.”

Church goers are behind Pastor Russell’s open carry policy. They agree that they must remain proactive, especially in light of the recent mass shootings that have taken place in churches.

One church member spoke to KSAT-TV and explained, “We have to take the precautions necessary so that we can come and still be able to glorify our God and be safe at the same time.”

There are numerous churches around the United States that are implementing active shooter preparedness programs and training. Lighthouse Mexico Church of God isn’t stopping there, however. They are doing whatever they can to ensure that their members will be safe as long as they are attending services at their church. On their website, Lighthouse Mexico Church of God has posted that they provide training, teach self-defense, as well as explain ways to pick out suspicious behavior of individuals.

I’m sure tons of gun control nuts are going to try and find something wrong with the church’s effort to protect their members. They are going to complain that allowing citizens to open carry is a risk, when in reality it may very well save countless lives if another church shooting were to occur. In both of the church shootings in Texas and Tennessee, the shooter was detained by a good samaritan with a firearm.

In the Tennessee shooting, usher Robert Engle bolted out to his car and got his own handgun. He held the shooter at gunpoint until police were able to arrive on the scene.

In the most recent church shooting that took place in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Stephen Willeford fired at the gunman and took part in a chase which ended in the gunman driving his truck into a ditch. 

If gun control advocates need any kind of evidence that allowing responsible gun owners to carry their firearms is a positive thing, all they need to do is look at these cases.