Candace Owens’ Twitter Account Suspended for Mimicking Sarah Jeong’s Racism

Kirsters Baish| Conservative Turning Point USA Communication Director and American patriot Candace Owens’ Twitter account was put on a temporary suspension after she mocked racist tweets that were sent out by newly-hired New York Times minion Sarah Jeong. Jeong has a broad history of sending out tweets with the common theme of bigotry towards white people. Twitter later reversed the ban on Owens’ account, claiming it was an “error” in a private email to Owens.

The Turning Point USA Communications Director tweeted out messages mimicking Jeong’s tweets, with just one important difference. Instead of writing “white people” as Jeong had, Owens wrote “Jewish people.” She was attempting to prove a point that some kinds of racism are more accepted in our society than others.

Her point was proven.

It wasn’t too long ago that President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., alluded to a similar fact in an interview with Breitbart News. He explained that “people would be losing their minds” if the New York Times hire had made the comments about Hispanics or African Americans.

Twitter has already been receiving criticism lately from Conservatives over apparent political bias. Even the President has condemned the social media platform.

Take a look at the tweets that Sarah Jeong sent out, which inspired Owens to conduct her social experiement. As you can see, Jeong’s tweets are still up on Twitter. They have not been deleted or flagged:

The crazy part? Candace Owens received a temporary suspension for her tweets. She was also ordered to delete the tweets. She used exactly the same language as Jeong had, with the only exception being that she changed the group of people she was referring to from “white people” to “Jewish people.”

Owens made clear in the initial tweet that she was simply repeating what the New York Times hire had written. She stressed that she was not making original statements. The social media platform still banned her.

Breitbart News reports that Owens said in an exclusive statement, “I actually AGREE with Twitter? These tweets are an example of hateful conduct. It begs the question — why was it okay when the hate was directed at White people? Why are her tweets still up?”

She continued, “In every way imaginable — Twitter has just proved my point. Racism in this country has been sanctioned against white people.”

Breitbart writes, “After word of the suspension began to go viral on social media, Twitter reversed itself and reinstated Owens’ account. Twitter claims the suspension was an “error,” which seems to be their standard response when conservatives are suspended, shadowbanned, or do not show up in searches, as was the case with Rep. Matt Gaetz.”

The New York Times defended hiring Jeong. The news outlet is standing behind Jeong, even as new evidence breaks proving her long history of racist social media meltdowns. The leftist has claimed that she “deeply regrets” her disgusting tweets. The problem? There are hundreds of them. She claims that they were simply “satire” and “counter-trolling,” but this woman has been doing this for years.