Breaking: Trump Reveals His Genius Plan to Have Mexico Pay for the Wall

Kirsters Baish| One of Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to build a “big, beautiful border wall.” He made this promise from the very beginning of his campaign, and he has held true to figuring out a way to make this wall possible in order to protect the livelihood and the lives of the American people. This promise just got a little sweeter now that President Trump has stated that Mexico would, in fact, be the ones paying for the wall.

President Trump has been working on his plan to get Mexico to pay for the wall, but has kept the details fairly secretive. His plans have just been revealed.

WND reported that President Donald Trump has quietly, without the buzz of the media, has been working on unveiling his plan to get Mexico to pay for the border wall.

Our Commander in Chief has explained that he has plans to offer a new deal on NAFTA which will benefit both the United States as well as Mexico when it comes to equity revenues. A small portion of this revenue will be diverted in order to fund the border wall.

President Trump and his administration have been working on federal funding for the border wall, all the while they have been renegotiating the United States trade deal with both Mexico as well as our trade deal with Canada.

On Thursday, President Trump sat down for an interview with the Wall Street Journal. During the interview Trump stated, “They can pay for it indirectly through NAFTA. We make a good deal on NAFTA, and, say, ‘I’m going to take a small percentage of that money and it’s going toward the wall.’ Guess what? Mexico’s paying.”

This idea is truly brilliant, and it’s a wonder that no one thought of anything remotely as smart before President Trump. Our Commander in Chief’s comments came just hours after he was brought up to date by his administration’s top economic and trade advisers on the progress of said negotiations. The administration’s trade actions were also brought to Trump’s attention.

Donald Trump has been promising since he started his run for president that he would be building a wall on the Southern border of the United States, which touches Mexico. He also explained that he wanted Mexico to be the ones to pay for that wall. The Left continue to refuse to even work towards approving a budget without a bill in order to approve the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (aka: DACA.) President Trump rescinded this program back in the fall of last year.

On Thursday, President Trump heeded a warning that if Mexico was not going to agree to these new terms on the free trade deal, which used to be known as the North American Free Trade Agreement, he would just have to “terminate” the deal all together.

President Trump explained, “Now, Mexico may not want to make the NAFTA deal, which is OK, then I’ll terminate NAFTA, which I think would be frankly a positive for our country.”

I can’t wait to see what the left is going to complain about on this one.