Breaking News: Democratic Congressional Candidate Arrested

Kirsters Baish| The Left has been tripping over their own feet in order to accuse and attack Republicans in regards to allegations that surfaced against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore. The media has been on the story like flies on a horses’s rear end. While it’s understandable that the story should be covered, whether it stands to be true or not, we have no evidence that the allegations hold any validity at this point. Moore was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old girl around 39 years ago when he was 32 years old. Moore was also accused of attempting to date three other young women ages 16, 17, and 18 around the same time period.

If the story does stand to be true, no one wants to elect a man as a Senator who took advantage of minors. But, we are left wondering if Democrats will give the same attention and the same news coverage to a similar story if it involves a Democrat. We are now faced with the perfect opportunity to find out.

Democratic candidate David Alcon is running for Congress from the second district in New Mexico, but Alcon is in the news lately for something different. A story recently aired when a warrant was issued for Alcon’s arrest after allegations that he stalked a woman.

Free Beacon reported that the woman was attending a Halloween party at a hotel in Santa Fe on October 28th of this year. She began receiving multiple text messages from David Alcon. One message contained a photograph of his genitals. Some text messages made the suggestion that he was watching her. In other messages that were recovered, Alcon professed his love to the woman.

The woman also explained later that evening Alcon texted her that he was waiting outside her apartment building.

Police in Santa Fe issued a warrant for Alcon’s arrest on October 30th. The Democratic candidate did not comply and failed to turn himself into authorities. 

Albuquerque Police were able to arrest Alcon at the Villa De San Felipe Apartments after they received a call about a welfare check  on Friday, November 10th. We are not 100% sure as to the reason that the police were there. Authorities did not give details, but Alcon is not facing any additional charges from Albuquerque.

Alcon’s campaign hasn’t made a single public comment on the allegations as of right now. The best part of the entire thing?

Alcon was convicted in the past of aggravated stalking on a different woman back in 2007. At the time of his arrest, the Deputy DA who was in charge of the case explained that Alcon was also convicted of domestic violence, battery, assault, as well as violation of a restraining order. How the hell is this guy in politics at all?

While the story is just breaking into the national news now, we have got to wonder if the mainstream media is going to give Alcon the same kind of negative attention that they have been giving Moore.

Dems in New Mexico are okay with having a candidate running who was already convicted of a crime against a woman… stalking, but they aren’t okay with a Republican being accused of a similar crime. I have to stop and wonder if they will be disavowing Alcon.