Black UFC Fighter Shows Up In Texas After Harvey, Shocks With What He Does To White Family W/ Confederate Flag

Kirsters Baish| The violence and hate that has overtaken America in the last few months has been devastating. Extremist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been taking to the streets, destroying anything and anyone who gets in their way. They are doing everything they can to tear this country completely apart. Trump supporters are not even safe walking the streets anymore, and that is truly sad. Some Americans are showing their true colors by doing whatever they can now to help Hurricane Harvey victims and show us what America is all about.

Last Friday, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, and has been causing mass amounts of destruction in its path. Houston communities are under water, and people are left without homes. Now, Americans from all races, creeds, and social classes are stepping up to help one another. UFC fighter Derrick Lewis has made it a point to do whatever he can, and when one family needed his help, he wasn’t turning his back on them, even though they sported a Confederate flag.

While the Left has been working hard to divide our country by race, sexuality, and political affiliation, many of us have been working together to unite as one. The problem for them is that when a natural disaster happens, politics go out the window, and Americans have been proving that. Families in Houston have been struggling to survive, and Americans have been coming to their aide.

One of those kind-hearted Americans is UFC fighter Derrick Lewis. He has been doing whatever he can to help flood victims. Lewis is originally from Texas, so he has been spending all of his free time personally helping out flood victims, no matter what they believe in.

He stated, “I’ve always been that type of guy that I like to help people more than I like to help myself. And so I just seized the opportunity. The police, they kept getting on the news and saying that they’re not going to help no one unless it’s a life-or-death situation. Basically, the firefighters said the same thing.”

Lewis chose to take action rather than sitting on his a** hoping that things would work themselves out.

While on a rescue mission, Lewis found a husband and wife who had lost everything they had in the horrible flooding. All they had left was their Confederate flag.

MMA Junkie reported:

“I picked up one guy and his family, his wife – he just kept apologizing to me, because all he really had was his clothes, and he wanted to take his Confederate flag,” Lewis said. “He wanted to take that with him, and he just apologized and said, ‘Man, I’ll sit in the back of your truck, man. I don’t want to have my flag inside of your truck like this.’ I said, ‘Man, I’m not worried about that.’

“He’s saying, ‘You never know if you ever need someone, so …’ – I already knew where he was going with it. I just said, ‘Don’t even worry about it. It’s OK. I don’t care about that.’ His wife kept hitting him and saying, ‘You should have just left it.’”

Lewis insists he didn’t give it a second thought and will continue to offer assistance to anyone in need, especially with even more rain and strong wind expected to hit Houston in the next several days.

“It’s supposed to get pretty bad in the next few days because it’s already supposed to turn into another hurricane,” Lewis said. “It’s a tropical storm right now, and they said it’s heading toward the water and is going to turn right back into a Category 1 and head right back in our area. By Thursday, we should be having another hurricane.”

Lewis, along with millions of other Americans, are seeing this horrific event as a means to bring us all together. It isn’t about what flag people support. It’s about saving lives.


Lewis explained, “I don’t care about that. I live in Texas. It ain’t nothing new. I’ve been living in the South all my life, and it ain’t nothing I hadn’t seen before or discussed. I don’t care about that type of stuff. I just wanted to help him.”

This is what Americans are supposed to do in a time of crisis. We all need to come together to save human lives. It’s great to have celebrities and athletes like Lewis to show us how it’s done.