Black Lives Matter Issues New Demands After Charlottesville Attack

Kirsters Baish|

Americans are outraged by the events that transpired in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend. People from both sides of the spectrum are both heart-broken, and angered by the senseless violence from both sides. Racial tensions are high on both the Left side and the Right side, tearing our country even further apart.

Now, Leftist protesters are taking it upon themselves to demolish confederate statues all over the country. They are working towards erasing an entire section of American history, because they claim that it hurts peoples’ feelings. Although it is impossible to completely erase an entire historical time period, the Left is certainly doing everything in their power to do so.

Liberal organizations such as Black Lives Matter don’t really understand what freedom of speech means. They don’t care about how important it really is to remember our history and where we came from in order to make sure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes that our ancestors made. In fact, Black Lives Matter is so blinded by their hatred and anger that they are now making a completely ridiculous demand.

They have insisted that Confederate groups, flags, and statues be made illegal.

The Daily Caller reported:

The official Twitter account of Black Lives Matter and the organization’s Chicago branch have announced that all Confederate groups, flags and statues “should be illegal” in the United States.

Government officials should look to Germany’s decision to outlaw “the Nazis, their symbols, salutes” and flags after World War II, the racial activist group says.

The Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter issued two tweets on Monday afternoon related to Confederate symbolism.

The official Black Lives Matter Twitter account then retweeted the Chicago branch’s messages to all 252,000 of its followers.

Some 460 Twitter users have liked the Black Lives Matter tweet that calls for a ban on Confederate groups and symbolism similar to Germany’s ban on Nazi symbolism.

It seems that millennials who have taken over social media are in favor of limiting our right to free speech when it comes to Confederate groups and symbolism. Their tune is very different when they have something to say and want to be heard.

Allen B. West reported:

Limiting the First Amendment rights of individuals from any group opens the door for the government to use that same power and authority on you and your beliefs sometime in the future, and you can almost guarantee that’s precisely what will happen.

You don’t have to agree with someone or their hateful views, in order to respect their right to free speech. You can simply use your own right to expression to share the truth and combat the evil of racist ideologies.

We can’t erase our country’s history because one group of people is simply upset about what happened in the past. Our past helps shape our future, and without learning about it, we are doomed to repeat it.