Bitter Dan Rather Issues Disgustingly Low Blow to Bush Funeral Speakers

Kirsters Baish| Sadly, CNN wasn’t alone in using former president George H.W. Bush’s funeral as an excuse to take low shots at their political foes. In CNN’s case, it was President Donald Trump, but every Conservative’s least favorite former news anchor Dan Rather decided to use the funeral as an excuse to attack someone else.

The former news anchor took his aim at those who spoke at the funeral.

He tweeted, “Watching today’s eulogies I thought about our national reckoning. We can’t rely on the consciences of those who have shown none or humility from those who refuse introspection. Forces of change must swell in the population at large to shake our republic into a more just future.”

While Rather did get the supportive liberal audience he was looking for, there were many who were outraged by his comments. The National Review’s Senior Editor Jonah Goldberg was a critic of Rather’s statement.

Goldberg tweeted in response, “You were literally the single most dishonest, unethical, and career obsessed a**hole to the Bushes in the last 40 years. Sit out a play jackwad.”

Conservative Tribune reports:

In 2015, People magazine reported that a decade later, Rather still defended the “fake news” that resulted in him being removed from the CBS anchor desk.

Rather had reported that President George W. Bush “went AWOL during his time in the Texas Air National Guard.” The Bush administration fought back, claiming that documents used “as the basis” for the story “were inauthentic.”

An independent investigation deemed Rather’s reporting to have ignored “fundamental journalistic principles.” Later Rather sued CBS for $70 million, but “the claim was eventually dismissed.”

Keep in mind that also in 2015, Dan Rather spoke to the Hollywood Reporter for an interview in which he said, “We reported a true story. We didn’t do it perfectly.”

He continued, “We made some mistakes of getting to the truth. But that didn’t change the truth of what we reported.”

Rather also slammed CBS and the Bush administration for the final outcome. He stated, “In the process of putting this together, those partisan political forces and ideological forces who found this a very inconvenient story — they couldn’t attack the hard-rock facts, so they looked, ‘Where is the story weak?’ So they concentrated on the documents and they succeeded.”

“They overwhelmed CBS — they overwhelmed us who reported it — by making the focus not on the hard-rock truth of the story, but rather the process by which we arrived at that truth. They changed the conversation. The corporate entity caved,” Rather continued.

Conservative Tribune explains that Rather also stated during the interview that “not only was he not biased in a leftist way, but that media in general wasn’t, despite public claims to the contrary. According to Rather, he has no bias and what happened was everyone else’s fault.”

A mistake Rather made years ago, in which he tried to bash George W. Bush, got him removed from his position. Years later he’s still attacking the Bush family, but this time at the funeral of George H.W. Bush.