This Biker Had To Pull Over And Start Filming – The Footage He Captured Is Creating A Lot Of Controversy

Kirsters Baish|

Usually our instinct when we see a huge storm approaching is to go the other way or get inside. One bicyclist did the exact opposite when he noticed something interesting in the sky amongst the clouds. He stopped and pulled out his phone to record the rare phenomenon.

In Greenwood, Indiana the sky opened up with a crown flash. This is an extremely rare natural phenomenon in which sunlight shines on ice crystals guided by electric fields during a thunderstorm. This occurence is rarely ever seen by the naked eye, but because the sun was still visible when the crown flash happened, the video that was captured is extremely rare.

Watch the video below!

The streak of light can be seen dancing behind the clouds as the bicyclist stands and stares in awe. This is definitely a nature video worth watching.