What Bass Pro Shops Just Did To Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims Will Never Be Forgotten … Never

Kirsters Baish| It’s no surprise that an American-owned company has stepped forward to help out victims of Hurricane Harvey. While the Left claims it was “karma” that inflicted this terrible destruction in the red state of Texas, real Americans (patriots) have stepped up to help the innocent storm victims. One American company has been making some serious moves to help Texas recover.

Bass Pro Shops, the store for all your hunting and fishing gear needs, has come forward to offer assistance to those people who were without food and shelter after the horrendous storm. This is what we need to see more of, Americans stepping up to help one another in times of need. The sporting company has generously donated over 80 boats that are to be used by search and rescue teams that are out to save as many people as possible. The rising water levels made it difficult for rescuers to get around without boats such as these.

The company released a statement explaining that they were working with both local and federal agencies in order to help rescue efforts in addition to assessing any further needs. Bass Pro Shops have always explained that they are in full support of other relief organizations providing supplies that amounted to over $40,000. The supplies included in this $40,000 are made up of things like protein-rich foods like portable beef jerky and nuts for workers who are in the field. 

Fox Business reported that authorities have said that over 3,000 people had to be rescued from cars and trucks that had been fully submerged and homes that had been infiltrated by water sine Sunday. It is likely that as week goes on the numbers will increase as rescue efforts are still underway. There is no way to know right now just how many people have been affected by the storm. 

It’s a given when I say that the boats are going to be put to good use, because the only way to get to many of the victims is by boat. The storm has resulted in an historic amount of rain on Houston and surrounding areas. Bass Pro Shops was founded in 1972. They have seven retail stores as well as seven boating center locations all over Texas. Three of those stores are in the greater Houston area, so this storm literally hits close to home. 

The American company explained that they are also going to be supporting their sales associates who have been affected by the devastating storm. The will be taking care of employees via the Bass Pro Cares Fund. The store has more than 100 locations all around America, and they have been known for over 40 years by outdoorsmen who enjoy themselves by hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and boating.

It’s great tot see such a well-known company reaching out to graciously help so many innocent victims of the massive storm. More multibillion and multimillion-dollar companies should be stepping forward to help out fellow Americans.