Atheists Sick Over Test Results From Traditional Site of Jesus’ Tomb

Kirsters Baish| It seems like atheists are a little extra testy this time of year every year, but this year they have a little extra to be spiteful about. New research just came out that was conduced at Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre (the site that many people believe to be the tomb of Jesus Christ.) This researched appears to confirm that the remains of the limestone cave that is enshrined are actually what is left of Christ’s original tomb.

Historical accounts explain that Constantine found the tomb with some help from his mother Helena. This took place between 325 and 326 A.D. The Holy Sepulchre was basically wrecked in 1009, but has since been rebuilt by numerous Christian groups over many years. Some of these groups included the Byzantines and the Crusaders. The tomb was opened for the first time in centuries recently when restoration was taking place.

A marble slab was removed by researchers which pilgrim accounts claim had been placed in the tomb sometime during the Crusader era, which was around 1300-1500 A.D. It was believed that the slab covered a ledge where Jesus Christ was laid after he was crucified. When the slab was removed, it was discovered by researchers that there was a second fractured slab which was engraved with a cross.

Restorers and scientists worked for nearly nine months. They stated that they were able to definitively say that the broken slab was dated back from Constantine’s time.

It was reported by National Geographic that researchers took samples of the mortar that was in-between the original limestone on the tomb as well as the fractured marble slab. The samples dated back to approximately A.D. 345.

Martin Biddle, an archaeologist who has published a seminal study about the history of the tomb back in 1999, stated, “Obviously that date is spot-on for whatever Constantine did. That’s very remarkable.”

Professor Antonia Moropoulou directed the entire project and she agreed with Biddle’s account.

Moropoulou, who is also Chief Scientific Supervisor from the National Technical University of Athens also explained, “That was a great moment to validate.” She stated that she felt very good about the recent discovery.

She went on to say, “Very happy indeed. I did not expect it… but the monument talks, and it says it’s history.”

What a wonderful Christmas gift. Obviously atheists aren’t going to be happy to hear about the most recent discoveries because they would rather pretend that Jesus never existed at all. Although there is no proof concluding that this is the actual original tomb of Jesus Christ, these new findings certainly help to validate the Biblical account of his burial.

We have even more to celebrate this Christmas season, and this news couldn’t have come at a better time. Spread the word about the good news!