Army Veteran Wearing Armor Grabs His Gun and Cleans up Detroit Neighborhood

Kirsters Baish| The sad truth of it is that when people think of Detroit, they often think of crime. The reason for this is that crime rates in Detroit have been very high for years. Even though law enforcement officers have been working hard to change this, it remains unchanged.

One Army veteran decided to take matters into his own hands. A former Cavalry Scout who will be known only as Mr. Adams took part in an interview with Popular Military. He explained how he is working to clean up one Detroit neighborhood where he had purchased an investment property. 

Adams explained that he has always felt the urge to buy properties in Detroit with the hopes of making them livable once more. There have been some serious challenges for Adams, however. He purchased his first property from the city of Detroit after having moved there from working on the West Coast for a decade. The entire house had to be gutted.

Adams explained to Popular Military, “From 10,000lbs of concrete into the ground for new supports, all new main beams, re-framed almost every wall, new windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, siding, porches and the roof. I have done 90 percent of it myself and I am finally bearing completion.”

Adams’s neighborhood has been overrun with drug dealers at this point. He explained, “From the minute I started work on the house, I would literally see hundreds of drug deals happening daily on the corner. Initially, I would call narcotics directly, but they were never interested in sellers… 90% of the times that I called 911 or narcotics, no one would ever show up.”

The city of Detroit has what is known has a “community policing” system. This means that a police officer works in a specific neighborhood. This officer supports those residents to the best of their abilities.

Adams began taking videos and photos as well as reporting descriptions to the neighborhood patrol officer. The police started taking him a bit more seriously.

He explained during the interview, “Once I had my nighttime guy, the fun really started. because I would get instant results. I would get a picture, video, or sometimes just a good description and within 20 minutes, they were arrested.”

Drug dealers were less than thrilled. There have been attempts to take Adams out. The first time it happened, Adams didn’t even have a gun to defend himself.

He remembered, “I woke up to someone walking down the stairs. I grabbed my axe — I didn’t have guns at the time — and started yelling at him to bring it on. He ran back up the stairs, so I started banging on the walls and yelling for him to get the f*** back down here.”

This is when he decided that he had to get himself some serious self-defense gear. He went on, “That’s when I stepped up my game with guns and body armor.”

That’s when Adams decided to step it up. “I would approach (the dealers) directly, phone held in hand, recording their transactions,” he continued. “They would huff and puff, but always flee… Within a few days, we had most of them in jail.”

In the end, Adams’s bravery stopped criminals without killing them. Now, he and another military veteran are guarding the neighborhood.