Armed Thug Holds Up Elderly Grandpa In His Home, Then Realizes His Fatal Mistake Too Late

Kirsters Baish| It seems like Leftist will take any chance to push gun control. They have become obsessed with banning firearms in the United States. They twist and bend the interpretation of the Second Amendment in order to disarm American citizens and leave them totally unprotected while criminals are free to roam the streets with firearms freely. If it was up to the Left, we would be totally unable to defend ourselves. We cannot allow them to trample on our constitutional rights any longer.

I wonder what would happen if we were to compare the statistics of how often firearms are used to commit a violent act against how often an upstanding citizen having possession of a firearm has prevented a crime helped in catching a criminal. This statistic might be hard to find since you would be trying to measure how often a crime did not happen. The truth of it is that our Second Amendment right doesn’t have anything to do with statistic. It is a stand alone right that cannot be compromised.

Even if you forget the possibility of statistics, we have just been notified of another crime that was prevented by an armed American citizen. An armed thug tried to attack an elderly man in his home, but he wasn’t expecting that the man was armed himself. The elderly man did what he had to do to defend himself against the intruder and shot him.

The elderly man explained, “I walked outside the door, and he was standing right there with a big pistol. I had my hand in my pocket on my pistol, and the battle was on,’ said Buddy Cates, in an interview with a KSLA reporter. Cates, who told the reporter that he had been robbed 6 times in the last 10 months, wasn’t about to let it happen again.”

Clearly this old man wasn’t just going to sit by and allow this low-life to rob him.

“Cates said that he and the assailant, who has been identified by his friends and family on social media as 18-year-old Shemar Harris and also goes by ‘Pablo Bouta’bag Harris’ as well as ‘Marblow DiNero,’ exchanged nearly 15 rounds. Cates was unharmed after the gun battle, but the saggy-pants-wearing thug ran out of luck. Harris was shot at least once and died a short time later at a nearby Texarkana hospital.”

The story is truly incredible. Mr.Cates is truly a brave man and he should be thought of as a hero. This 81-year-old man took down an 18-year-old thug. He wasn’t afraid to utilize his Second Amendment right to bear arms and pop one in this self-entitled thief.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Liberals are trying to make Mr. Cates out to be a bad guy. They are painting the thug as a victim. This is truly disgusting. We see Mr. Cates as a hero.

Let’s make life simple for these Liberals who can’t seem to think properly. If Harris hadn’t decided to try and rob Mr. Cates, he would be alive. Don’t commit crimes and you will live to see another day. The right to bear arms cannot be stripped from all Americans because some people take advantage of others. If Mr. Cates hadn’t been armed, he may have lost his own life.